A bit about me

Hi, my name is Isabel and I’m the founder and creative mind behind Defined.

In the beginning of 2023 I graduated from Furtwangen University in Germany with a Bachelor degree in Online Media. My studies helped me to gain a broad view within the field of online media. Through that I’ve been able to gain skills and knowledge in marketing, media design and -production, e-commerce, as well as more technical things like coding. But design was always the thing what excited me the most and where I now specialized in.

I grew up in a small town in the south of Germany, inbetween the black forest and Switzerland. In 2022 I moved across the world to do a semester abroad in Bali. I very soon fell in love with the island life and the creative and entrepreurial mindset that people there are having. That’s why I decided to live there full-time since two years. Living a self-determined life has always been a goal for me and that’s why I want to help you to achieve this too!

Are you in need of a freelancer who can blend aesthetics, user-centered design and your unique personality seamlessly? And, on top of that, want someone who understands the ins and outs of marketing and sales? You’ve found your match — I’m here to make it happen! I can offer you the ideal fusion of creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise that your brand requires to thrive.

I specialize in crafting artful, captivating, and refined brands and websites, that provide the foundation and confidence needed, to turn business dreams into reality. Let’s bring your brand to the next level!





Things that bring me joy


There is nothing better than starting my day with a nice morning surf before starting to work on my laptop. It makes my days feel more refreshed and clears up my head for new projects.

Slow mornings

I am not a big mornig person. I love to sleep in and have brunch with friends. Therefore I am most productive in the evening or at night. Time flexibility is definetely one of the biggest perks you get to enjoy being a freelancer hey! 🙂

(Iced) matcha latte

Fun fact: as a student I didn’t really like to drink coffee, so I had to find another drink to energize and comfort me – that’s how I discovered matcha. In the meanwhile I also like coffee but would still prefer a good matcha over it. (Also I love the colour though)

Aesthetic cafés

As a digital nomad my work place is wherever my laptop is (and wifi of course). My workplace of choice is mostly in a cozy café, where I can sip my latte while working on projects. I also like the vibe of other like-minded people working around me – feels like a startup office sometimes.


I’m a sucker for sunsets and rarely miss one. Luckily I get to experience lots of them in Bali.  

Why should you work with me?


You only hire me as needed and thus save on labour costs in the long term. Through the project-based work, I’m able to put my full energy and attention into your project. Additionally, I am very flexible with my schedule and can adjust my work pace to meet your deadlines.


As a freelancer, I bring foresight to our collaboration, as I work on a variety of projects in different industries and continually learn. Thanks to my interdisciplinary studies in the media field, I can cover multiple areas and I’m not limited to a single subject.

Intuition and Strategy

As a freelancer, I rely on a mix of intuition, based on my experience and sense of trends, and strategic thinking. These tools help me to make smart decisions and plan for the long term. In brand design as well as in web design I accompany you holistically and try to give you a strategy that drives your business forward.

Feels like a match?